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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: January 20, 2021
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Baseball and Softball
1. What days are practices and games?
The practices are scheduled by the team manager. Usually, they run two practices per week. The league schedules the games during the week and weekends.

  • Weekday games usually start at 5:45 PM or  6 PM
  • Saturday games are scheduled from 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Sunday games start times begin at 12 noon and run until 7 PM

     Teams are usually scheduled one or two games per week. 
    Majors, Ponytails and Senior Softball may have up to 3 games per week.

Please remember that baseball and softball are outdoor sports.  The weather will dictate if a team manager can schedule practices.  The younger levels may not start practicing until early April if the weather in March is cold and damp.  Finally, your team manager and the coaches are unpaid volunteers, they are giving your children the best effort they can.  Work with them by picking up your child on time when practice or a game ends.  They are anxious to get home to their families.

2. Are the kids are required to wear masks in the dugout and while playing on the field?
Yes in the dugout, but not while playing on the field.  These guidelines are set by the State of NJ and Little League International.  Please note that the guidelines may change during the season.

3. When will the Schedule be published?
The schedule is created in early March with input from TEAM MANAGERS only.  The final schedule is published in our league book and distributed to parents on Parade Day.

4. Where are the practices and games held?
The games are scheduled at Hanratty Fields on Westfield Ave or Warinanco Park. Coaches schedule their practices at many of the local parks in the area, usually Warinanco.  Given the size of our Softball league, the games are played on our home fields and with other towns at their location.

5. What color pants are required for games?
For baseball and tee ball, the players wear WHITE baseball pants. 
For softball, the girls wear BLACK baseball pants or BLACK shorts.
Note to Parents, please follow the above guidelines, it is important that the team have a consistent uniform on the field.

6. Are parents required to purchase uniforms?
No, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the uniform jerseys and caps are purchased for each team.  We expect to have them shortly before the parade.  We order the team jerseys after parents nights, then have them printed with the sponsor name on the back.

7. Are baseball/softball cleats required?
For the younger players in tee ball, teeners softball and pioneer baseball, it is not necessary.  As the players get older it is strongly recommended.  The problem with wearing nice sneakers to games and practices is that the clay will stick to the sneaker.

8. When do I work the kitchen?
The team mother will schedule each parent for the kitchen.  Please discuss your schedule with that person.

9. Are coaches required to work the kitchen?
Yes, the coaches, scorekeepers and team moms are required to work the kitchen during the season.  The only EYL family excused from working the kitchen is the Team Manager. The team is required to have one parent in the kitchen for all games at Hanratty.

10. Do I need to purchase a bat for my teeball player?
No, the league has many bats in our possession.  Many were donated by parents who purchased the bat for their tee ball player in year's past.

11. If I am running late for a practice or game, who do I call?
Please call your team manger directly.

12. What does managing a team entail?
Basically, the manager runs the team. They are usually assisted by two or three coaches. We expect the manager to schedule team practices. We require the manager to attend a 4 hour safety training session. We schedule games for the manager, so if you have specific needs, we will work with you.  Managers and their spouses are not expected to work the kitchen, but many of them do and we appreciate their volunteer efforts in running EYL.

13. What are the Ratings?  Does everyone make a team?  How does this work?
The purpose of the ratings is to help the Major League coaching staff balance the teams. We hope their effort leads to competitive games that the players will enjoy playing and parents will appreciate their efforts from the stands.
12 Year Olds - All players will be placed into a Major League Team.  Parents may request a LL 5(a) exception.
11 Year Olds - All players will be placed into a Major League Team.  The parent may request that their 11 year old be placed in Minors.  The request goes to the Division coordinator and the League President.
10 Year Olds - Usually only a handful of 10 year olds will make the majors, given the limited space.

9 Year Olds - Usually only one or two nines will make will make the Majors.
All players who do not make the majors, will be placed on a minor league team.  The major league managers will pass the ratings of the Major League candidates down to the minor league managers for their draft. 
Our coaches, managers and staff are expressly forbidden to share ratings and draft position with parents or players.

14.  If you are CPR and first aid trained, do you need to take the Rutgers SAFETY Training?
Little League Law N.J. SA 2:62A-6 ET SEG was created to protect coaches and league administrators from a lawsuits because of a sports related injury.  As required by this law, the league in conjunction with Rutgers University offers this training to all of our coaches.  Any one who wishes to coach or volunteer in Little League must take the Rutgers Safety Course. It is a one time class!  SAFETY is an acronym for Sports Awareness For Educating Today's Youth and has nothing to do with first aid - although first aid is covered but only as what to be aware of and not as how to treat. The benefit of the class is the protection from lawsuits that the Little League Law affords coaches that have taken the course

15. Is the parent participation bond mandatory and what exactly is this for?  What does it cover?

he parent bond is mandatory for all registered players except for  EYL Executive Board Members and team sponsors.  Families with only Junior Baseball players do not pay the bond since all of their games are off the Hanratty fields.

This is a parent work bond to insure that each family contributes their minimum effort to running the league.  The kitchen is one of the ways our league raises funds to support our program.  It is also a convenient place for parents to purchase their children a snack or drink while at the Hanratty field.

The forfeited parent bond is put back in the general league account to cover expenses.

The most common way to earn the bond refund is to work the kitchen as scheduled by the Team Mom.  Team Managers automatically get their bond refunded at the end of the year.  Team Coaches and Scorekeepers must work the kitchen to earn the bond refund.

Although it may appear that two bonds are being charged, please review the family discount portion of the on-line system.  You will notice that the discount is $75.00 not $25.  As documented on the Fees page, the family discount is $25 for the 2nd child.  We put a credit of $75 to your on-line charge to reverse out the additional $50 bond charge.  It may sound complicated but it is the way we got this Blue Sombrero thing to work for the Elmora Youth Little League.

16. Can I order a second jersey for my child?
No.  Sorry, EYL does not have the volunteer resources available to order a 2nd jersey for a player.

17. Can you guys count?  The league did not celebrate 45 seasons in 2018.  It is only 44 seasons since 2018 minus 1974 is 44.
Yes we can count!  We are thrilled to be celebrating 45 continuous years of providing the youth of our community with recreation sports.  The 50th season in 2023 will be special for our community. Volunteer now to insure we make it there. Please see the Cardozo report on our statistics page.




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